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Get patch management services in Virginia Beach, VA

Does your business rely on software from other companies? As these companies release new updates, you may have to patch the software to safeguard your system against attacks. Hope International Consulting in Virginia Beach, VA can help you protect your business. We offer software patching services to get to the sources of vulnerabilities and resolve them quickly.

Call 757-694-7756 today for patch management services. With our extensive security background, we know how to lock down your software.

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We make patching and updating software easy.

You can have us:

Update your software automatically and remotely

Install patches for select vulnerabilities as they release

Tap in with a remote support system to diagnose issues with your system

Additionally, we can come on-site to fix severe issues if needed.

We can handle software patching for programs like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Adobe Reader. If you could benefit from our patch management services, speak to our owner today.

Patch Management and Support:

  • Automated patch management Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating system vulnerabilities and auto-update over 200 3rd party applications
  • Monitoring, alert, support and control of endpoint security compliance and performance.
  • Secure remote tech support by Industry recognized Microsoft Certified Professionals and Industry security professionals.
  • Guaranteed faster response times in accordance with the customer SLA. We will document all your information in regard to your internet provider, endpoint provider, application provider and contact them directly for you. When you have a problem we will work with the vendors for you to get the issues resolved.

Good security requires a layered approach. Hope International helps businesses improve their security by delivering robust and customizable endpoint hardening solutions.

Hope International works with the DoD, healthcare facilities, banks, airports, legal firms, financial institutions, insurance agencies, and retail businesses. We are knowledgeable in many data security regulations and standards to include:

  • NIST 800- 171
  • NIST 800 -53
  • GLBA
  • SOC
  • FedRAMP

Our goal is to implement security controls which prevents malicious acts. These controls include:

  1. A password construction, usage, and complexity policy
  2. Logging, monitoring and auditing of access activity
  3. Encryption of data at rest and in transit with encryption requirements of FIPS 140-2
  4. Deploying of systems to log, monitor, audit and alert in real time on network activity in production environments.

Weekly scans of the production environment systems and production applications for vulnerabilities.
Minimizing known vulnerabilities by automating patch identification, approval and installation.
Deploying Bitlock and FileVault full drive encryption to protect the confidentiality of data.
Control of the deployment, configuration, install and uninstall of applications
Restrict access to services, devices and processes via endpoint firewall.
Detection and respond to threat acts with Bitdefender advanced endpoint detection and response platform.

“Cybersecurity and Compliance”
There are two major HIPAA sections:

  • HIPAA Privacy Rules ensure the protection of confidentiality of patient medical data
  • HIPAA Security Rules ensure security, confidentiality, and availability of medical data.

Key requirements when handling sensitive electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) include:

  1. Physical Safeguards such as limiting access and control of devices and facilities.
  2. Administrative Safeguards such as creating and enforcing security policies, periodic risk review and provided training.
  3. Technical Safeguards like utilizing unique user identification numbers, data encryptions, firewalls, antivirus.